Got Goat's Milk

Goat's milk is awesome and you should give it a try.

You may have been told it was gross or maybe you just think it is because you've never tried it.  Sorry to rain on the cow parade, but it's becoming obvious how many health benefits there are to the alternative.

Fresh goat cheese with edible flowers from the farmer's market. yum!

Moroccan Cotton Candy

I'm super busy getting the walls ready but I promised my buds I' make them a fun area to chill in during the show. I thought Cotton Candy would like to hang out too. 

Makin' use of my $150 thrift store sofas, you know...  Keepin' up with the Jones'


Recipe: Egg Fu Yung

Oh yeah, the mac daddy of omelets.  The elusive deep fried crispy salty breakfast lunch or dinner Egg Fu Yung with MANDARIN SAUCE!!  

And it's eggggggsactly like takeout.